Habit Mastery – A Psychology of Studing

As per the guideline from our Principal, a  collge level seminar on “Habit Mastery” was conducted by an eminent speaker Mr. Veer Vijay Singh on  22n  August 2017 from 1 pm – 3 pm at  DrMSG Seminar Hall.  Mrs. G. A. Dhamane and Mr. R. R. Chakre worked as Coordinator for the seminar.
 The Seminar focused on below points :-
  • The psychology of studing everyday
  • Why motivation and discipline wont work
  • WHB goal setting system
  • The 5 Second decision rule

The Speaker Mr. Veer Vijay Singh amzed student with his various activities and enormous example. He explained how consistency matters in studing . How it is benificial in all aspects of life.

A Inspiring motivational session “Kabil Bano” By Mr. Imtiyaz Khan, Mumbai

Under the guidance of our Project Director PM Deshpande Sir’s Computer department  scheduled Kabil Bano session of Mr. Imtiyaz Khan, Mumbai for TE,  SE and FE students on 9th and 10th Jan 2018. 9th Jan 2018e at Sir Dr.  MS Gosavi Hall.

The seminar was motivational seminar . Mr. Imtiaz ali shaared his views with student on how to become a good and capable human being. How to be successful not only in career but as a human along with career. How to identify the goals and plan the stratergies to achieve these goal. How to be a confident self inspiring human being. Student were very happy to attend this session. This session was motivational not only to students but also the staff members.

2 Days Workshop on ”Redhat Certification basics and Current open source tool to use”

2 days workshop on Redha on ”Redhat Certification basics and Current open source tool to use” was conducted at department of computer engineering by Mr. Aditya Bagul of IRT Techologies Pvt ltd, Nashik . The workshop was conducted from 15th Jan 2018 to 16th Jan 2018. The session was devided in two parts . Morning session was therotical session which covered all the basis of Redhat Ceritification and core Linux basics. The Afternoon session was the practical session where students peformed hands on session on linux .

Some of the student also completed their redhat cerification after this  inspiring workshop. The audience for this workshop was third year students.


“Privacy Month Campaign”

On the occasion of International Data Privacy Day, Privacy Month Campaign Mr. Mayur Patil, Director of Emsys Solutions PVT.LTD, Mozilla Reps member visited Computer Engineering Department on 13 January,2018 at 1:00 p.m. to give a seminar on Privacy and Security. The seminar was conucted at  M.S. Gosavi Seminar Hall ; In this seminar Mr. Mayur Patil discussed about different tools available in Mozilla such as Data Selfie,Lightbeam, Privacy badger, Webkay, Tab Suspender, Firefox Focus,DuckDuckGo, Tor. These are the tools used for Privacy and Security.

This seminar was organized in an effort to empower the users of web to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint. Student also performed some hands on sessions conducted by One of the mozillian ‘Ankit Kumar’.

Seminar on- “Cyber Crime Awareness” by Asian School of CyberLaws

A Seminar was delivered by Adv. Chaitanya Mohan bhandari about Cyber Crimes Awareness.The event was conducted in M.S. Gosavi Seminar Hall on 13 th of January,2018 at 11.00 a.m. The Audience consisted of third year students of Computer Engineering and E&TC Engineering.The main agenda of the seminar was to aware students about the latest Cyber Crimes happening in our City and to also shift the focus of Students Community on increasing rate of Cyber crimes in Maharashtra. Cyber Crimes like Cyber fraud, Cyber theft, Cyber Pornography, Phishing, ATM fraud, Identity theft were discussed in the Seminar also the preventive measures given to the students. The seminar was really useful to the students as Technology is much required in todays Technosavy world and so are the counter measures to ensure
protection against Cyber Crimes.

“G.E.S’s R.H. Sapat College of engineering, Nashik Won First Prize in Smart India Hackathon 2017”

The final year Students of Computer Engineering from Gokhale Education Society’s R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Management studies and Research has won first prize of worth Rs. 1 Lac in the grand finale in ‘Smart India Hackathon 2017’ organized by AICTE in association with MHRD, New Delhi which was concluded at BVB college KLE university Hubbli, Karnataka on 2nd April 2017.

The HACKATHON 2017 focused on the problems of social importance identified by 29 ministries and departments of the government. They identified 598 problems, which were responded by 7,531 teams consisting of approximately 42,000 students. 1,266 teams of 10,000 participants were shortlisted for the finale. The code development runs for stretch 36 hours from 1st April 8 a.m. to 2nd April 8.00 p.m.

The team consisting of Prabhanjan V. Padhey (Team Leader), Kaustubh A. Joshi, Geetanjali B. Deore, Ankita D. Aher, Yogita H. Kasar, Shubham B. Bhokare with two mentors Prof. Swapnil V. Ghorpade, and Prof. Gaurav K. Bhamare. The team has got valuable guidance by Prof. N.V. Alone as SPOC and Prof. Gayatri A. Dhamne as Coordinator. The team worked on Problem statement ” Geographical location and identification of medicinal plants” given under the Ministry of Department of Ayush.

Our Management Prof. P.M. Deshpande , Project Director and Mr. Shailesh Gosavi, Executive Director remains always the source of inspiration for the whole team. Principal Dr. P.C Kulkarni and Head of the Department Dr. D. V. Patil gave their immense support for this event.

Heartiest Congratulations to Team HACKETHON!!!!

"Hadoop In Action " workshop was conducted on 27th Dec 2014 by Prygma Information Systems, Ahmednagar For ME Computer Engineering Students.

A workshop covered Hadoop multinode configuration and Implement of Digital Library Infrastructure using Hadoop and distributed database storage. To develop front end GUI and algorithm for searching the multimedia resource files, presentations in the selected domain, author, book title, ISBN and Use of different search exploration techniques.

One day workshop on “Unix Shell Script “ by Mr. Deepak R. Kadam Sr. System Engineer, IBM Pvt.Ltd.

One day workshop on Unix  Shell Script by Mr. Deepak R. Kadam Sr. System Engineer, IBM Pvt.Ltd on 8th March 2014. The workshop was conducted for ME Computer Engineering Students. The contents covered under this workshop are   Shell Environment and variable, Control Construct ,  Advance Command , Edit – vi and sed , Text File processing – awk , Archiving Utilities , Sub-scripts and functions, Arrays, Find,  grep, Process Controls, Memory Allocation and Inter process Communication.

Technical Events for Students


S. No




Introduction to Python


Conducted by :- Prof. S. V. Ghorpade

Fundamentals of Python Prog., Syntaxes, Sample Progs.


Technical Quiz


Conducted by :- Prof. A. P. Shiralkar

Quiz based on C, C++, Java, Networking Concepts


Technical Discussion on Job Opportunities


Conducted by :- Prof. N. V. Alone & Prof. A. P. Shiralkar

Emerging Job & technology on IT Industry


Introduction to Android


Conducted by :- Prof. S. V. Ghorpade

App Development tools and Techniques


Soft Skills Techniques


Conducted by :- Prof. A. P. Shiralkar

Group Discussion & Personal Interview


Introduction to Ubuntu


Conducted by :- B. E. Students ( Mr. Ravi & Mr. Navin)

Installation of Ubuntu


Career Opportunities for Computer engineering Students


Conducted by :- TIMES Academy

Emerging Trends,  Job Opportunities& technology on IT Industry


Introduction to Java Programming


Conducted by :- Prof. G. K. Bhamare

Interview Questions on Java and Discussion Session


Aptitude Sessions


Conducted by :- B. E. Students ( Miss Ashwini Borase & Miss
Ashwini Dabhade)

Practice Sessions for TE Students of Aptitude and Quantitative


Expert Session


Conducted by :- Mr. Prakash Ekhande ( Alumni)

Alumni Interaction with TE Students


GUI Programming in Python  ( Second Year Students)

28/12/2015 & 02/01/2016

Conducted by :- Prof. S. V. Ghorpade

Fundamentals of Python Prog., Syntaxes, Sample Progs.


Internet of Things ( Second year)


Conducted by :- Dr. R. S. Tiwari ( External Expert Session)

Intro to ARDINO & Sensors


Introduction to LATEX Tool ( Third Year Students)


Conducted by :- Prof. K. C. Kulkarni

Template Creation in LATEX


Wireless Network Concepts ( Third Year Students)


Conducted by :- Prof. S. R. Lahane

Basics of Networking and introduction to Computer Netwroks


Introduction to Java Programming Session – I ( TE Students)


Conducted by :- Prof. G. K. Bhamare

Database Connectivity in Java & Android


Introduction to Java Programming Session – II ( TE Students)


Conducted by :- Prof. G. K. Bhamare

Basics of CORE Java and Discussion Session


Goal Based Planning & Time Management ( Final Year Students)


Conducted by :- Dr. D. V. Patil

Emerging Trends,  Job Opportunities& technology on IT Industry


Introduction to Internet of Things ( Final Year Students)


Conducted by :- Prof. C. R. Barde

Applications of IRT and Sensors


Red Hat Certification  (TE Students)


Conducted by :- IRT Academy

Introduction to RED HAT Certification and Job Opportunities