One Day Seminar on Applications of soft computing techniques in research.

Gokhale Education Society’s R. H. Sapat College of Engineering Research and Management studies conducted a state level seminar on ” Applications of Soft Computing techniques in research” on 6th April 2018. Dr. D. V. Patil HOD, Computer Engineering department was conveyor for the program.

In computer science, soft computing sometimes referred to as computational intelligence, is the use of inexact solutions to computationally hard tasks such as the solution of NP-complete problems. Soft computing differs from conventional (hard) computing in that, unlike hard computing, it is tolerant of imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation. In effect, the role model for soft computing is the human mind. The agenda of the seminar revolves around the principle constitutes of Soft computing and it real time applications using natural language processing, Fuzzy Logic, Neural network, Machine learning and genetic algorithm.

The Speaker for the seminar was Dr. D. V. Patil, Dr. Mrs. S. M. Kamlapurkar, Dr. S. P. Agnihotri, Dr. A. P. Khedkar and Mr S. V. Ghorpade.

Dr. D.V. Patil sir started the session with Introduction to Soft Computing, its Applications, neural network and Fuzzy Basics. The next session was conducted by Dr. A. P. Khedkar mam fro E&TC Department.Mam gave introduction to genetic algorithm and its implementation for solving Travelling Salesman Problem and optimization problem. Dr. S. P. Agnihotri gave introduction to Cuckoo Search and its application in control system. Dr. S.M. Kamalapur gave introduction particle swarm optimization (PSO) and their basic implementations. S. V. Ghorpade sir gave the practical demonstration of implementation of neural network.

Project director prof P. M. Deshpande was chief guest and Mr. Shailesh Gosavi Sir was guest of honor for this program. Our Principal Dr. P. C. Kulkarni Sir gave valuable guidance and support for this program.