Achievements for Academic year 2015-16

Departmental Achievements

  • Hadoop Cluster :- Department has created Hadoop Cluster. Cluster has 1 master node and 19 slave nodes, each node is having 8 GB RAM, Intel i5 processor and 500 GB HDD. Cluster is configured with about 7TB hadoop distributed file system.
  • MPI+CUDA Cluster :- Department has created a MPI+CUDA Cluster. Cluster has 20 machines, each machine is accompanied by NVIDIA GT 610 of 2 GB RAM and 48 CUDA cores. MPI programs are capable to utilize CPU and GPU computing power. Remote access of MPI+CUDA and Hadoop Clusters are made available to students using SSH for study assignments and project on request basis.
  • CUDA Teaching Centre :- Department of Computer Engineering is awarded with “CUDA Teaching Centre” from NVIDIA. Under the program, It received :-
    • 3 GForce GT680 Graphics Card having 2GB DDR5 Memory, 1569 CUDA Cores
    • 1 Quadro 2000 Graphics Card having 2GB DDR5 Memory, 192 CUDA Cores

Staff Achievements

  • Professor Mr. S. V. Gumaste has been awarded with his Doctorate degree on 20th Feb 2016 by Amravati University.
  • Asst. Prof. Mr. P. K. Kanhegoankar has been deputed for PhD at VNIT, Nagpur.
  • Asst. Prof. Mrs. G. A. Dhamne’s paper has been selected for Springer AISC series publication.

Students Achievement

  • Mr. Pranav Lawate from final year computer engineering has successfully completed his Red Hat CCNA Certification.

In House Development

  • NotyBox :- Department staff has developed android mobile application “NotyBox” for teacher to student communication using which teachers can send urgent notices, reminders, notes etc.
  • Student Feedback System :- Department staff has developed web based application to collect Student’s Feedback. It is developed using PHP, MySQL and Parse BaaS Cloud Technology.
  • Student Information System :- Department of Computer Engineering has developed Student Information System. This web based software collects student’s details at the time of student admission. This software is useful to maintain centralize database of all admitted student. All the departments in the college can access this data as per their need. Software having modules like export data in excel file, search student details by name, print library form, display the department wise student list etc.
  • Library Management System :- A software for Library Management is developed and commissioned by students of Computer Department. It is implemented in PHP and MySQL under the guidance of department faculties. The Software is being monitored by the dedicated staff members and phased up-gradation is carried out based on feedback from stakeholders. 
                  This tool facilitates to search books in library by Title, Author name or Publication. Students can also see live availability status of books online. The librarian is authorized to update book stocks by maintaining book issue record. This web-based application has proven to be very efficient and helpful for students and faculties.